There is a war going on in the Middle East - the least we can do is stay well informed. Here are some messages we received recently and want to share with you: testimonies from the civilian front line, arab news updates and links for action and protest.

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From:Eli Pariser
Date: Monday 7 august 2006 6:15
Subject: Stop the Bloodshed

Dear friends,

We haven't been in touch very often since our work around Iraq. But with civilians in Israel and Lebanon dying daily, we're at another critical global moment.

Regional and global leaders continue to fail to come up with a workable plan to stop the violence in the Middle East. Our friends at the Ceasefire Campaign are urging people around the world to pressure the Security Council to come up with a real plan to get an immediate ceasefire and international peacekeepers. This is a sensible call that would curb the bloodshed while laying the groundwork for a more enduring peace.

The Ceasefire Campaign is looking for 1 million co-sponsors to deliver their petition to the Security Council this week.  Can you join them? Sign here:

–Eli Pariser

P.S. Here's a message from the Ceasefire Campaign with some more detail:

Dear friends,

For more than three weeks now we've watched the bloodshed in the Middle East with horror. All the while, global and regional leaders have stood by and failed to take the necessary action to stop the violence. Finally, this weekend, the US and France reached agreement on a plan. But this compromise plan fails to call for a full ceasefire and is so weak that the violence has not—and will not—stop.

This is unacceptable. Hundreds of innocent civilians have already been killed, thousands have been wounded, and almost a million people have been made homeless.

The UN Security Council will be meeting early this week to try to resolve the crisis. They need to know that the world is watching them, and that anything less than an immediate ceasefire is not good enough. Click here to sign this petition demanding that the members of the UN Security Council take immediate action to end this bloodshed.

Please sign the petition today, and then spread the word by forwarding this email on to all your friends and family. Our goal is to deliver a petition to the Security Council with 1 million signatures this week, and to publicize the petition in major newspapers in the capitals of the US, UK, France and other Security Council members.

Thanks so much for your help,

Ricken Patel

P.S. Groups and leaders from across the world and from diverse perspectives agree that an urgent ceasefire is an important part of resolving this crisis. Most countries of the world, from Lebanon to Tanzania to India, have called for a ceasefire, and have been joined by major international NGOs such as Oxfam and Amnesty International. Christian leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI, and the World Council of Churches have also called for a ceasefire. Arab and Muslim organizations such as the Organization of the Islamic Conference have also been joined by Israeli and Jewish groups such as Meretz Israel, Degel HaTorah, and Brit Tzedek v'Shalom in calling for a ceasefire.


From: jan ackenhausen
Date: Sunday 6 august 2006 21:24
Subject: Stickers for Lebanon has just launched an initiative; print and stick the stickers attached to this email and send a pic to the BloggingBeirut guys more info on




Date: Sunday 6 august 2006 11:55
Subject: Update 9-- August 6, 2006

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Update 9
August 6, 2006

In this update:

  -Call from Palestinian filmmakers, artists and cultural workers,
  -Call for sanctions from Foreign Affairs committee in the Irish Parliament, 
  -Statement from JUBILEE South Africa,
  -SIPTU calls for Sanctions,
  -Metal and Electrical Workers Union of South Africa Support Sanctions,
  -Statement from Sanctions Against Israel Coalition on the Qana Massacre.

  -Israel's cricket match in Glasgow canceled
  -Thousands march in SA against Israel
  -Venezuela Recalls Ambassador From Israel
  -Brtisih MPs attack government for continuing to sell arms to Israel
  -Edinburgh International Film Festival Returns Israeli Money in response to Boycott Plans 
  -Greece pulls out of Israeli film festival
  -Letter to Peter Hain, British Cabinet Minister and former anti-Appartheid Activist

  -Is a cultural boycott ever justified?
  -The case for boycotting Israel now!
  -Abed & Berkani: Israel's assault on Lebanon harms democracy
  -Israel's Latest Massacre in Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor

Calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions:

1.Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel 
  | August 4, 2006

Dear Filmmakers & Artists,
During the past few weeks we have borne witness to the escalation of Israeli aggression into open war on both Palestine and Lebanon.

2.Unanimous statement of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Irish Parliament
| Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Irish Parliament | August 2, 2006

The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs- Calls:
That Ireland raise at the next meeting of the EU Council of Ministers the implementation of sanctions on Israel under the terms of Article II of the Euromed Trade Agreement on grounds of human rights abuses;

The National Executive Committee, Jubilee South Africa | | August 1, 2006

The National Executive Committee of Jubilee South Africa wishes to add its voice to those of millions round the world on the barbaric war unleashed by the Apartheid State of Israel against the people of Palestine and Lebanon.

4.SIPTU calls for sanctions against Israel
  Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) | | July 27, 2006

At its meeting in Liberty Hall today, SIPTU's National Executive Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the Irish Government to move for the immediate suspension of the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement with Israel until such time as that country ends its violations of international law.

5.Metal and Electrical Workers Union of South Africa Support Sanctions Against Israel Coalition Statement on the Qana Massacre-30.07.06 | MEWUSA | August 2, 2006

Metal and Electrical Workers Union of South Africa (MEWUSA)support the SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL COALITION and further hereby condemns in the strongest possible terms barbaric savage acts by the Israel Zionist Government and we condemn the latest massacre of civilians, mostly children, at Qana.

| The Sanctions Against Israel Coalition (South Africa) | July 30, 2006

The SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL COALITION hereby condemns in the strongest possible terms the latest massacre of civilians, mostly children, at Qana.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions news:

1.Cricket / Protestors leave Israel groundless at European Championship Ilan Evyatar | Haaretz | August 6, 2006

Israel's opening match at the European Cricket Championship in Glasgow was canceled yesterday after organizers were unable to find a venue amid fears of protests by Muslim groups over Israel's military action in Lebanon.

2.Thousands march in SA against Israel
| Mail and Guardian | August 5, 2006

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Cape Town to Parliament on Saturday to demand diplomatic and trade sanctions against Israel.

3.Venezuela Recalls Ambassador From Israel
| The Associated Press | August 3, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday he has withdrawn his country's ambassador from Israel to show his "indignation" over the military offensive in Lebanon.

4.Israel cricket match in Glasgow cancelled
| Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign | August 2, 2006

Antiwar campaigners have been informed by police that tomorrow's scheduled cricket match involving Israel in Glasgow has been cancelled. The organisers were unable to find a venue large enough for the planned protests. However, the matches on Saturday and Sunday are still on, though antiwar groups are maintaining that they should be cancelled given the ongoing situation in Lebanon.

5.MPs attack government for breaking its own guidelines on arms sales to Israel
  Richard Norton-Taylor | The Guardian | August 3, 2006

The government must explain why it continues to approve the sale of arms to Israel in apparent breach of its own guidelines, a cross-party committee of senior backbenchers demand today.

6.Edinburgh International Film Festival Returns Israeli Money in response to Boycott Plans 
| Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign | August 2, 2006

The organisers of the Edinburgh International Film Festival have cancelled an official Israeli Embassy sponsorship of their programme and returned the Israeli cheque following a huge public outcry over Israeli Embassy involvement.

7.Greece pulls out of Israeli film festival
| The Daily Star | August 2, 2006

ATHENS: Greece's governing body for film has decided to pull out of Israel's autumn Haifa film festival in protest over the Lebanon crisis, a representative said on Tuesday. "We're going to be pulling out at least two films, there may have been more but our full movie list had not been finalized," a Greek film center (EKK) spokesperson said.

| Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign | August 2006

Dear Peter
You are now a Cabinet Minister under Tony Blair, sitting alongside the odious Margaret Becket as Foreign Minister. Some remember you, however, as the Chair of an excellent campaign which disrupted tours by the South African Rugby Union and cricket teams in 1969 and 1970. Your advocacy of direct action led to successful, high-profile, disruptions of the South African tours and gave hope to many living under brutal apartheid rule.

Related Articles and Analysis:

1.Protesters want this Israeli film dropped from the Edinburgh Film Festival and an Israeli cricket team banned ...Is a cultural boycott ever justified?
Mark Brown| Sunday Herald | August 6, 2006

ISRAEL'S war on Lebanon has thrown into stark relief the debate about sporting, cultural and economic boycotts. By the time you read this article, the Israeli cricket team's latest game in the European tournament in Glasgow, scheduled for yesterday, may have been cancelled. For sure, hundreds will have joined the Stop The War Coalition's protest outside the Glasgow Academicals ground.

2.The Case for Boycotting Israel-Boycott Now!
Virginia Tilley | Counterpunch | August 5-6, 2006

It is finally time. After years of internal arguments, confusion, and dithering, the time has come for a full-fledged international boycott of Israel. Good cause for a boycott has, of course, been in place for decades, as a raft of initiatives already attests. But Israel's war crimes are now so shocking, its extremism so clear, the suffering so great, the UN so helpless, and the international community's need to contain Israel's behavior so urgent and compelling, that the time for global action has matured. A coordinated movement of divestment, sanctions, and boycotts against Israel must convene to contain not only Israel's aggressive acts and crimes against humanitarian law but also, as in South Africa, its founding racist logics that inspired and still drive the entire Palestinian problem.

3.Abed & Berkani: Israel's assault on Lebanon harms democracy
Mohammed Abed & Karima Berkani | The Capital Times | August 4, 2006

Condoleezza Rice recently referred to Israel's aerial bombardment of Lebanon as "the birth pangs of democracy in Middle East.

4.Arab states must repudiate ties with Israel now
  Ali Abunimah | ELECTRONIC LEBANON | July 31, 2006

The scenes of carnage from Qana, where ten years after an almost identical massacre, rescue workers are pulling the broken bodies of children from the rubble, break the heart and generate a deep and boiling anger. But it is not enough to point the finger at Israel's war criminal government which carried out the atrocity, nor the United States administration, which encourages Israel, funds and arms it. We must also demand that all those with the power to act do so immediately.

5.Israel's Latest Massacre in Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor
  Omar Barghouti | Electronic Lebanon | July 30, 2006

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora condemned Israel's massacre in Qana today as a "heinous crime" and called Israeli leaders "war criminals." Reacting to an earlier atrocity, he wondered: "Is the value of human life in Lebanon less than that of the citizens of other countries?"[1] The answer, at least as far as Israel is concerned, is an unambiguous "yes!" Israel's latest bloodbath, which claimed the lives of dozens of children and women hiding from the relentless bombing in what they hoped was a secure basement in Qana, betrays not only Israel's criminal disregard for the value of Arab human life, a typical colonial attitude towards natives, but also its increasingly fundamentalist perception of Gentiles in general as lesser humans.


From: Emily Jacir
Date: Sunday 6 august 2006 6:47
Subject: What they did to my friend Maysoon

I want to tell you the story of what happened to my friend Maysoon Zayid when she left Ben Gurion Airport a few days ago to fly back to NYC.
Since she told it to me, it has grown from a little hole inside me into a huge gaping wound. I have become consumed with it, this one detail of one woman's crossing.

I want to write it to you particularly because I have no right to tell this story.
There is always a worse story, so we never have the right to tell our stories.
Stories which are all part of the Israeli matrix of occupation and touch every aspect of all our lives and our bodies. These stories are not to be told because there is always someone whose home has been demolished, someone whose family member was shot before their eyes, someone who was imprisoned, detained and tortured....there is always the bunker bombs, cluster bombs, civilians crushed under the rubble of buildings, families killed while picnicking on beaches..... do I need to go on?
Can I still tell this story in the face of such large scale horror?
Can I resist?
Can we hear, mourn and acknowledge Maysoon's story for what it is, what it was, and how deeply damaging and brutal something like this can be?
How calculated every arm of the Israeli machine is.

She called me when she landed in NYC and said "Emily you won't believe what happened to me at Ben Gurion Airport ."
The ugliness of the occupation and the years of damaging experiences reared their ugly head inside me when my first thought was a bitten and ironic "What?"
Big deal! I thought. What could she possibly tell me that is so horrific?
My own experiences flashed through my mind....the time they smashed my G4 laptop in half so a huge chunk was hanging off of it, the countless tapes, film, pictures and more that they have ever confiscated, the strip searches, the humiliation of being strip searched by a man, when they emptied the vodka bottles I brought back for my peeps in Ramallah and filled them with dear sister who left Ben Gurion a few months ago and had everything she was carrying confiscated. She was only allowed to board the plane with her passport. She is a writer and filmmaker and loves to write on planes but they would not allow her a pen and paper. The sandwich she made in her home in Ramallah was taken from her. She made it because she has blood sugar issues and she needed that sandwich to make it through without getting sick and weak. She explained this to the Israeli security who looked at her with stealy eyes and told her to drink sister. My uncle with cancer whose prosthesis they forcibly removed and on and on and on....

Before I continue, just a note that Maysoon has cerebral palsy and went through this whole process in a wheelchair at Ben Gurion airport.

Maysoon began "Emily I was strip-searched"
Me: "Oh yea so? Everyone gets strip searched." A disgusting reaction I know. I couldn't help myself. Yes it is shameful when you are so damaged that that is your first thought.
I can not forgive myself for that reaction.
Maysoon continued "They took everything. They left me naked in the room and when they returned with my clothes they had taken my maxipad."
"Yes and then I told them I need one and they said they didn't have any."
She proceeded to tell them she had more in her hand carry-on. They wouldn't let her touch her stuff for "security reasons".
Nor would they give her one maxi-pad from her bag.
They would not let her travel with her carry-on luggage on the plane.

My friend Maysoon was made to bleed for hours in the airport all over herself in a wheelchair.

As if that wasn't enough. She was also not allowed to touch her medication(also in her hand carry-on). She has cerebral palsy and needs to take special medicine or else she will throw up on the flight.

Several hours later she finally boarded Continental Airlines. The stewardess looked at her in disgust when she entered the plane.
Maysoon looked up at her and said "They took my maxi-pad."
The stewardess' ramaged through their belongings and managed to produce a pair of shorts etc for her to wear.

She threw up 7 times on the flight as she was not allowed to take her medicine.

Are there words for such horror and brutality?
The policy of treating Palestinians in the most dispicable manner at border crossings has been in place for years in an effort to brutalize people to such an extreme that they will not return.
I remember it all.
Every crossing from Jordan when I was a kid in the 70's, and later through Ben Gurion in the 80's. I will not forget.

I will never forget what they did to Maysoon.

Maysoon who is a comedian, an actress and an activist.
She herself is writing down this story in greater detail when she is able to. And I will forward it to you then.
See her website:

Here is a link for a recent border crossing story written by a European-American.
A European-American, not a Palestinian-American, can visit Palestine


From: Emily Jacir
Date: Saturday 5 august 2006 19:27
Subject: Key items on Electronic Lebanon to forward

As many of you know, I've been spending the last 5 weeks working first on the Israeli invasion of Gaza and, as of July 12th, the Israeli attack and invasion of Lebanon . Below, you will find some of the key articles and resources we've published relating to the Lebanon crisis.

By this stage, close to 1,000 Lebanese have died, almost all of which are civilians. Every bridge in the country has been bombed. All the airports have been bombed. A massive oil spill following Israel 's targeting of fuel tanks on the coast has reached Syria . Cellphone towers, hospitals, ambulances, power stations, UN observers, all targeted. Entire villages in the south of the country have been leafleted by Israel , warning them to flee, then the convoys of fleeing people have been attacked. Whole families have been wiped out.

All of this has taken place in front of an approving or silent world. As I wrote in a recent letter to British PM, an Arab friend of mine recently commented, "Now I understand how the Holocaust could have happened".

Then there is Gaza , that has seen a similar destruction of its infrastructure.
These are dark days and this conflict, particularly given the international approval given to Israel , guarantees global insecurity for decades.

Below are some Lebanon resources worth forwarding. The first video, in particular, is truly a "must see". There is no graphic content, merely people talking, but you'll understand why it's a must see pretty quickly.

Please let people see them.

Nigel Parry


Video from Beirut , Lebanon , Electronic Lebanon, 4 August 2006
A must-see video from Beirut ...

A picture speaks 1000 words...
Multimedia, The Electronic Intifada, 4 August 2006
or view the image only version:
Maps of Israeli targets in Lebanon:

Voices from on the ground describe the realities of life... (by day)

Report, Human Rights Watch, 3 August 2006

The Electronic Intifada, incorporating Electronic Lebanon, has seen more than 668,000 visits and over 2,992,000 page views since the start of Israel's invasion of Gaza on June 27th, including 498,000 visits, and 2,345,000 page views since Israel launched its war against Lebanon on July 12th.





The Electronic Intifada (EI) is a not-for-profit, independent publication committed to comprehensive public education on the question of Palestine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of Israel's 39-year occupation of Palestinian territories. EI provides a needed supplement to mainstream commercial media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lebanon , and Iraq .


From: "christophe katrib" (through jan ackenhausen)
Subject: Sadder Day
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 19:08:53 +0200

Good evening,

Today I was certain I wouldn't be able to write nor send anything out to the world.
Do you know it has been *24 days* that the world has been letting this realm of horror carry on freely?
24 days...
900 dead...
3283 wounded...
913 760 displaced, homeless, refugees, call them what you want but don't call them numbers!
As you read this, do you feel the reality of the situation?
Or are they just numbers?
75 roads...
74 bridges...
6200 housing buildings...
12 factories...
25 gas stations...
5 hospitals...
Are these only more numbers?
Owww I forgot:
1 Mediterranean coast...
that no one can clean up because we are still under attack.
There is no racism here, no segregation! Human life is under siege and being smothered, but marine life as well! You see? Perfect justice for all forms of life...
Even the 2 petrol ships at large are afraid to come in without a signed paper from the Israelis because they have seen that they don't segregate (between civilian, medical, UN, relief, vegetables, and Hezbollah)
As you can see I'm not at my best today.
I initially just wanted to be silent and let you watch this moving video:
Please please please forward it far and wide.
It's a letter, a love letter, from a dying lover, called Lebanon, to the world.
Go to the site and follow the instructions to download it.
24 days and still counting,
and still hoping,
for a reply...



From: nat muller
Date: Saturday 5 august 2006 17:16


>>>>> Call for Interventions >>>>>>>>>>


Global Webcast, Saturday, August 12 2006, 9-11 PM (CET)

URL: |

Outraged at Israel 's ongoing aggression on Lebanon - which since July 12 2006 has killed over 900 people (mostly civilians), displaced nearly one million people (1/4 of Lebanon 's entire population), and wrecked

Lebanon 's infrastructure and economy - we say: khalas! enough!

We call for an immediate end to the violence and destruction.

We call on the international community to open its eyes - and on you to make your voice heard.

With our fellow activists, artists and other bloggers in Lebanon - and input from Iraq - we will produce a collaborative global webcast on Saturday August 12, from 9 to 11 p.m. Central European Time/10-12 p.m. Lebanon time

This unique free style web jam around 'frequently raised despair' will be produced at Waag Society in Amsterdam by Streamtime's Cecile Landman, Jo van der Spek, Geert Lovink and Jaromil in collaboration with Tarek Atoui, Nat Muller, Paul Keller and many others.

The Global Webjam will consist of an audio and video stream, and feature live interviews and conversations, video clips, cartoons and blog blurbs, soundscapes, DJs and VJs, a lively mix of information, art, protest, party and reflection.

Wahid el-Solh, a Lebanese DJ based in the Netherlands , will provide us with the unrivalled nightlife ambiance of Beirut .

We see this as a precedent for future collaborations - to create a platform fitting the spirit of Beirut , in defiance of war, and in search for solidarity.

We shout out for our friends in Lebanon and elsewhere to contact us if they want to join, share, participate in and contribute with their recent experiences and productions.

Contact the team in Amsterdam with all your questions, suggestions, contributions at:

If you are in Lebanon and you want to contribute you can also contact Tarek in Beirut : mobile: +961-3-190985

If you have material to contribute please upload it to our ftp server: (username: upload password: streamtime)


Skype: streamtime-khalas | cileland | jo-streamtime

Chat: freenode #nida

Telephone: +31206279661 (Solidarity Fund X-Y)


This event is funded and facilitated by Solidarity Fund X-Y and initiated by Streamtime


Founded in 2004, Streamtime is an international support campaign for Iraqi bloggers and engages with tactical media initiatives of artists and activists throughout the Middle East .


From : Emily Jacir
Date : Friday 4 august 2006 19:32
Subject : Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel

YOU can do something.
Also see:
Edinburgh Film Festival Returns Israeli Money

Greece Withdraws from Israel Film Festival
Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel

August 1, 2006

Dear Filmmakers & Artists,

During the past few weeks we have borne witness to the escalation of Israeli aggression into open war on both Palestine and Lebanon. 

With Israel 's invasion of Gaza on June 27th, 2006, ministries and educational institutions have been destroyed, as has the plant that supplies nearly 50 percent of Gaza 's electricity. Bridges, roads, dozens of homes, and hundreds of dunams of agricultural land have also been destroyed. Sixty-four elected Palestinian legislators, cabinet ministers and officials have been detained without charge.

On July 12th, Israel brought its campaign of collective punishment and military violence to Lebanon , with "Operation Just Reward". A complete assault, via land, sea, and air, of the Lebanese population and infrastructure has led to total destruction. In just 3 weeks, almost 1 million Lebanese civilians have been displaced and the death toll has reached 900 Lebanese and 160 Palestinians, with a UN count saying one-third of the dead are children.

Additionally, in violation of international law, Israel continues to occupy Gaza , the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), and Syria 's Golan Heights . In violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel continues to hold 9,600 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails and detention centers without due process, among them 130 Palestinian women and 388 children, many of them taken from their homes in the middle of the night.

We, the undersigned Palestinian filmmakers and artists, appeal to all artists and filmmakers of good conscience around the world to cancel all exhibitions and other cultural events that are scheduled to occur in Israel , to mobilize immediately and not allow the continuation of the Israeli offensive to breed complacency. Like the boycott of South African art institutions during apartheid, cultural workers must speak out against the current Israeli war crimes and atrocities. 

We call upon the International community to join us in the boycott of Israeli film festivals, Israeli public venues, and Israeli institutions supported by the government, and to end all cooperation with these cultural and artistic institutions that to date have refused to take a stand against the Occupation, the root cause for this colonial conflict. 

We call upon you to take a stand in order to appeal to the Israeli people to give up their silence, to abandon their apathy, and to face up to their responsibility in the destruction and killing their elected government is wreaking. To the Lebanese and Palestinians terrorized by this Army's planes, bombs and missiles, this silence, apathy and lack of action from Israelis, are regarded as complicit in the ongoing war crimes, as for those Israeli artists, academics and intellectuals who continue to serve in the Israeli army they are directly implicated in these crimes.  

We call upon you to give way to action that would replace words spoken too often and forgotten too quickly. We call upon you to make your voices heard in calling for an end to this bloodshed and an end to this oppression that has lasted too long.

To endorse or answer this call for a cultural boycott of Israel please send an email with your name, position and country to   

Signatures (Alphabetical)
1.     Adila Laidi, Lecturer
2.     Anan Brakat, Filmmaker, Arab Cinema School
3.     Annemarie Jacir, Filmmaker
4.     Azza El-Hassan, Filmmaker
5.     Bahia Munem, Filmmaker
6.     Dahna Abourahme, Filmmaker
7.     Dima Abu Ghoush, Filmmaker
8.     Emily Jacir, Artist
9.     Enas Muthaffar, Filmmaker
10.    Faten Farhat, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
11.    Ghada Terawi, Filmmaker
12.    Hanna Atallah, Filmmaker
13.    Hanna Elias, Filmmaker
14.    Hany Abu-Assad, Filmmaker
15.    Haya Al-Jareedy, Filmmaker
16.    Hayan Charara, Writer
17.    Hazim Bitar, Filmmaker
18.    Iman Aoun, Ishtar Theatre
19.    Iman Hammouri, Popular Art Centre
20.    John Halaka, Artist
21.    Juliano Mer Khamis, Actor & Director
22.    Kais Al-Zubaidi, Filmmaker
23.    Kamal Boullata, Artist
24.    Karma Abu-Sharif, Writer
25.    Khadijeh.H.Abu-Ali, Filmmaker
26.    Khaled Jubran, Musician
27.    Larissa Sansour, Artist
28.    Leila Sansour, Filmmaker
29.    Liana Saleh, Filmmaker
30.    Lina Bokhary, Artist
31.    Mahmoud Massad, Filmmaker
32.    Mai Masri , Filmmaker
33.    Mazen Saade, Filmmaker & Writer
34.    Michel Khleifi, Filmmaker
35.    Miguel Littin, Filmmaker
36.    Nabila Irshaid, Artist
37.    Nahed Awwad, Filmmaker
38.    Najwa Najjar, Filmmaker
39.    Nizar Hassan, Filmmaker
40.    Omar Barghouti, Dance choreographer
41.    Omar Qattan, Filmmaker
42.    Osama Al-Zain, Filmmaker
43.    Rana Bishara, Artist
44.    Rania Elias- Khoury, Yabous Productions
45.    Rashid Masharawi, Filmmaker
46.    Reem Fadda, Palestinian Association of Contemporary Art
47.    Riyad Deis, Filmmaker
48.    Rowan Al Faqih, Filmmaker
49.    Saed Andoni, Filmmaker
50.    Saleh Bakri, Actor
51.    Salim Abu Jabal, Writer
52.    Salwa Mikdadi, Curator
53.    Samia A. Halaby, Artist
54.    Sobhi al-Zobaidi, Filmmaker
55.    Suleiman Mansour, Artist
56.    Suzy Salamy, Filmmaker
57.    Taghreed Mishael, Filmmaker
58.    Ula Tabari, Filmmaker
59.    Vera Tamari, Artist
60.    Wafa Jamil, Filmmaker


From: SQUARE (through nat muller)
Date : Thursday 3 august 2006 17:36
Subject : Video writing from Beirut "from those who love us"

“This video letter was made on July 21, 2006 at the studios of Beirut DC , a film and cinema collective which runs the yearly Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya Film Festival. This video letter was produced in collaboration with Samidoun , a grassroots gathering of various organizations and individuals who were involved in relief and media efforts from the first day of the Israeli attack on Lebanon . It was also broadcasted at the Biennial of Arab Cinema, organized by the Arab World Institute in Paris .”


From : Emily Jacir
Date : Tuesday 1 august 2006 16:29

Mahmoud Shalhoub a restaurateur in Troy , Michigan lost 43 of his family members in Sunday's shelling in Qana.

sorry i have not written in a while. i could not. sunday's horror left me feeling like i had been gunned down and i had no words.
so here are words from my friend Tony in Beirut which he sent today:

I've got my own little Hiroshima right here in my pocket.
sometimes i take it out, i put it on the table, and ponder.
it will take us countless years and several generations to grasp the immensity of the catastrophe that has (and is) struck us- and these women who now wear black, and who become more and more numerous with each passing day- these women are not only mourning their loved ones, but they are mourning hope itself.
Where are God's angels when you need them? I just want one of them to whisper in my ear that things are going to be ok, maybe then i can breathe again.

here is an excerpt from an email from a close friend in London she sent me this 1 week ago (my god now we are talking about this and its been weeks....weeks!)

" I am feeling much the same. Indeed the shape of dread is there within us, for we have been here before, and I remember it well…yesterday was my birthday (!), and on my birthday when I turned 25 I was in Beirut, in Fahkani, at the height of the siege in 1982; Emily it was the most awful day that day, so many killed by those planes, and I remembered it all as if in a collapsing time tunnel, and dreamt about it all last night.. and look what they are doing now. I swear it was easier to be there than it is to be out here. So I know exactly how you feeling, we are all holding fast together. Everyone I have managed to get through to on the phone are ok, excepting some friends injured (not critically) in Bourg el Barajneh, but everyone there are ill, anxious, a lot of my friends in Saida have sick children, and of course Rashidyeh – if they enter, they will go into the camp."

Photostory: Devastation at Qana
Photostory, The Electronic Intifada, 1 August 2006

Israel's Latest Massacre in Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism a Factor
Omar Barghouti, Electronic Lebanon, 30 July 2006

The Yesha Rabbinical Council, the religious leadership of the entire settlers' movement in the occupied Palestinian territory (numbering close to half a million settlers), issued an edict justifying the Qana massacre:,7340,L-3283720,00.html

Massacre in Sanctuary; Eyewitness
By Robert Fisk  - 19th April, 1996

Qana 1996. To keep the Memory Alive

lastly i am including this EXCELLENT index on US Weapons in Lebanon by Sarah Meyer.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

by Sarah Meyer
Index Research


This research was first published by the BRussels Tribunal.

Sarah Meyer is a researcher living in Sussex , UK .


From : jan ackenhausen
: Tuesday 1 august 2006 11:49
Subject : Fwd: Solidarity - Lebanon

The TimesJuly 28, 2006,,174-2289232,00.html

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiersFrom Yonit Farago in Jerusalem

WHILE Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet.

Israel 's Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.

In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special "megaphone" software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.

Jonny Cline, of the international student group, said that Jewish students and youth groups with their understanding of the web environment were ideally placed to present another side to the debate.

"We're saying to these people that if Israel is being bashed, don't ignore it, change it," Mr Cline said. "A poll like CNN's takes just a few seconds to vote in, but if thousands take part the outcome will be changed. What's vital is that the international face of the conflict is balanced."

Doron Barkat, 29, in Jerusalem , spends long nights trawling the web to try to swing the debate Israel 's way. "When I see internet polls for or against Israel I send out a mailing list to vote for Israel ," he said. "It can be that after 15 minutes there will be 400 votes for Israel .

"It's very satisfying. There are also forums where Lebanese and Israelis talk."

Israel 's Foreign Ministry must avoid direct involvement with the campaign but is in contact with international Jewish and evangelical Christian groups, distributing internet information packs.

Amir Gissin, the Israeli Foreign Ministry's public relations director, said: "The internet's become a leading tool for news, shaping the world view of millions. Our problem is the foreign media shows Lebanese suffering, but not Israeli. We're bypassing that filter by distributing pictures showing how northern Israelis suffer from Katyusha rocket attacks."



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